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Close to a century

For close to a century, the Eck family have cleaned clothes for the people of Williamsport, PA, and the surrounding areas. The family’s history in the industry began 97 years ago. “My great-grandfather Maurice bought a drycleaning business back in 1927,” explained Michael Eck, who currently owns the business. “I think he had seven boys. Around the 1930s, he changed the name to X Cleaners.”

DLI launches drycleaning industry Hall of Fame

The Drycleaning and Laundry Institute’s (DLI) Board of Directors recently announced the creation of the DLI Hall of Fame Award, a recognition aimed at honoring outstanding individuals and businesses within the drycleaning and laundry industry.

Competing for a chance to be the world’s best

Early in January, the International Committee of Textile Care (CINET) were present at two U.S. events as part of the association’s Global Best Practices Awards program. The first was held on Jan. 9 and hosted by Hallak Cleaners in Hackensack, NJ; a second event took place on Jan. 12 at Margaret’s Cleaners in San Diego, CA.

Lessons learned from the cleaning industry in India

by Bob Edwards

December 3rd began with an early morning 100-mile drive to South India’s Madurai Airport to catch a domestic Indian airline flight to New Delhi. My vacation in South India had ended, and the second half of my trip would be working with Wotek India, a Wilson Chemical distributor.

Flipping from drab to fab in 2024

by John Rothrock

John Rothrock

In Tulsa, renowned for its iconic greasy hamburger joints, each local hotspot boasts a unique charm that makes it stand out. From Bill’s Jumbo Burgers to Ron’s Hamburgers and Chili, these establishments hold a special place in the hearts of locals, offering distinct flavors and nostalgic experiences.

Are you ready to impress new customers?

by Don Derosiers

Don Derosiers

There are times in this business — in fact in all businesses — that present themselves as opportunities to impress new customers. Sometimes, they happen because we initiate them. Other times, they happen by chance. We can put a sign in the window that reads: This week only – Shirts 5 for $15! (or something like that). We can promote any aspect of our business. We can announce our hours of operation, or that we are open on Sunday or the upcoming holiday.

Controlling your boiler water level III

by Bruce Grossman

Bruce Grossman

Now that we’ve learned how to generate steam by controlling the water level and the fire in a boiler, let’s see how delivering this steam to the machinery and returning the condensed steam, called condensate, back to the boiler is done.

All the ins and outs of wage-and-hour laws

by Frank Kollman

Frank Kollman

I saw an ad on television this morning that reminded me why many people hate lawyers. A plaintiff’s attorney was seeking employees (clients) who had not been properly paid under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and state law. He said that most people do not know if they are being compensated properly, which is unfortunately true.

Strategies for independence and management

by Kermit Engh

Kermit Engh

Whether you plan to sell your company sometime soon or in the future, now is the time to ensure that your business isn’t all about you.

From the latest Value Builder Score* research involving over 50,000 companies from around the globe, here are two key factors linked to the probability of getting an offer for your business when it’s time to sell..

More ways of cost-effective chemical use

by Dan Eisen

Dan Eisen

The drycleaner today is using chemical formulations that have made spotting and wetcleaning more efficient, easier and safer. These chemicals have improved over the ones that were used years ago. There are differences between various manufacturers. It would be beneficial to try different products and determine the one that suits your needs.


Taking time to honor some industry GOATs

In the world of sports, fans love to make their cases for who they believe is the GOAT (greatest of all time) for a particular sport. In basketball, is it Michael Jordan? Magic Johnson? Bill Russell? Bird, Lebron, Abdul-Jabbar? The list goes on and on, as does the debate.

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ABC and Dress for Success Pittsburgh to expand Empower wear partnership

America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) is excited to announce the extension of its impactful partnership with Dress for Success Pittsburgh into the year 2024, marked by the continued success of the EmpowerWear program. EmpowerWear, a collaborative initiative focused on empowering women, supporting local communities, and promoting environmental sustainability, has witnessed significant achievements since its launch.

NEFA plans State of the Industry Meet & Greet in mid-February

The North East Fabricare Association (NEFA) will host a State of the Industry Meet & Greet dinner in Springfield, MA, on Thursday, Feb. 15. The event will take place from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Uno Pizzeria & Grill on 820 Hall of Fame Ave.

The program will explore the industry’s challenges and opportunities. It is also designed to foster interaction among NEFA/DLI members. In order to properly prepare, NEFA asks for those planning on attending to pre-register. For more information, contact Peter Blake at [email protected] or call (617) 791-0128.

Finding success with laundry lockers

The laundry and drycleaning sector faces a critical juncture in an industry traditionally marked by face-to-face interactions and manual processes. Rising staff costs and escalating competition are pressuring businesses to seek innovative solutions to provide a more convenient service, keep costs down and find more customers. At the forefront of this transformative wave is a simple yet revolutionary concept: laundry lockers.

Ben Levine joins Sigma Plastics Group

The Sigma Plastics Group is happy to announce that Ben Levine has joined the company working in their Sigma Garment Films division. Ben had been working in software sales after graduating from Florida State University in 2017 before his hire with Sigma in August 2023.

AWGS launches new website

The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists (AWGS), a not-for-profit trade association of cleaners in eight countries who focus on caring for specialty gowns and luxury garments, recently launched an all-new website. Designed not only to appeal to wedding couples but also to provide AWGS members with a seamless and enriching experience, the new website includes a members’ only section featuring information and resources.

MfM hosts Success 2023 in Chicago

Methods for Management (MfM) recently celebrated its 70th anniversary in style. Members, guests, and industry experts gathered at The Hilton Chicago Magnificent Mile Suites from Oct. 26 to 28 to celebrate the consulting firm’s longevity with Success 2023.

NCA appoints Hargrove-Avery as interim director

The board of directors for the National Cleaners Association (NCA) recently announced the appointment of Dawn Hargrove-Avery who will serve as its interim executive director.

She will take over the role that was left open following the recent passing of the association’s longtime Executive Director Nora Nealis late last year.

CINET plans two January events for Global Best Practices awards

In January, the International Committee of Textile Care (CINET) will host two events – one on each coast – to give drycleaners the opportunity to be a part of this year’s Global Best Practices awards.

In Memoriam - Nora Nealis

Nora Nealis, the longtime executive director of the National Cleaners Association (NCA) and an indefatigable defender of the drycleaning industry, passed away on Nov. 12 at the age of 70.

Xplor Spot announces new innovative feature

Recently, Xplor Spot announced an innovative feature for its business management software called virtual Assistant. This new feature can handle basic inquiries, enhancing efficiency for both businesses and customers as well as delivering a seamless customer experience.

Martinizing opens three new locations in Austin

Clean Franchise Brands (CFB) recently announced an agreement to open three Martinizing Cleaners locations in Austin, Texas. Locally owned, the new stores will include a drycleaning plant/store and two satellite locations.

Jennifer Hall returns to ZIPS Franchising

ZIPS Franchising LLC is pleased to announce that Jennifer Hall, formerly a store operations and development manager for the company from 2008 to 2019, has rejoined the organization as Field Training Manager.

New Martinizing Cleaners in Saltillo, MS.

Clean Franchise Brands (CFB) recently announced the opening of a Martinizing Cleaners in Saltillo, MS. Martinizing Cleaners of Saltillo is owned and operated by Gregg Kennedy and his wife Margaret Ann. The Tupelo, MS, residents converted the former Town Creek Drycleaning and Laundry into a Martinizing in July. Martinizing Cleaners of Saltillo represents the third Martinizing Cleaners for Kennedy.

Tim Maxwell named as CEO of GreenEarth Cleaning

Recently, GreenEarth Cleaning named Tim Maxwell as its chief executive officer. Since 2003, Maxwell had previously served as president of the company. In his new role as CEO, he will continue oversight of GreenEarth and the company’s network of affiliates. At this time, GreenEarth’s proprietary products and processes are available at more than 6,000 points of consumer contact around the globe.

ZIPS names Donaghy as chief marketing and customer experience officer

ZIPS Franchising LLC announced that Mary Ann Donaghy has joined the organization as chief marketing and customer experience officer. Previously a member of the ZIPS Board of Directors, she brings three decades of consumer marketing leadership to the organization as it continues to grow its revenues and expand its customer base and franchisees.

America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) hosts first live studio event

America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) hosted its first live studio event for its WorkFlow suite of programs and training and development services on July 20-22, 2023, in Chicago, IL. Led by ABC Senior Consultant Liz Davies and Executive Director Chris White, the three-day event was built around the principles of production management for cleaners. Sixteen leaders from across the ABC affiliation came together to build a community exchanging best business practices, systems development and coaching techniques for team success.