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ABC hosts live event in Maryland

America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) held a WorkFlow Live event in May that focused on “Bridal – Couture & Vintage Cleaning and Restoration” in Owing Mills, MD.

The event featured a mix of group collaboration and classroom presentations taught by an impressive lineup of instructors, including Bob Edwards from A.L. Wilson Chemical Co., ABC Senior Consultant Liz Davies, ABC Executive Director Chris White and host affiliate Janet Garman of Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners. Technicians from across the country learned and shared experiences and techniques on cleaning, restoring, and preserving some of the world’s most unique designs.

One highlight was an insightful presentation by guest speaker Francesca Ripple, representing the luxury bridal house Francesca Bridal & Atelier. She shared invaluable updates on the current trends in bridal fashion and unique fabrics, drawing from her recent visit to luxury bridal shows in Barcelona, Spain. With a rich family history deeply rooted in fashion and bespoke craftsmanship, Francesca’s personal journey added an extra layer of inspiration to the event.

Janet Garman, vice president of Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners, shared, “Chris White, Liz Davies, and Bob Edwards are all treasure troves of information, and they didn’t hold back on sharing their knowledge of how to best clean and care for bridal, vintage, and couture garments. The energy behind the preparation, presentations, and hands-on experience kept all of the attendees fully engaged. It was a great group, and not only did we gain a wealth of information, but we forged new friendships with colleagues across the country.”

ABC Executive Director Chris White added, “The unique skill sets required to maintain and restore the world’s elite fashions are continually evolving, and programs like this allow our technicians to sharpen their ability to safely and effectively keep these investment pieces in top shape. With the growth of the circular fashion economy, we are seeing more high- fashion and couture-level garments that require a unique approach and bespoke level of care. We are proud of our affiliates’ continuous work to ensure that the best brands are cared for by the best hands.”