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Tide Cleaners opens four stores in Charlotte, NC.

In 2023, Tide Cleaners has opened four stores in Charlotte, NC.

These new stores are in addition to the three existing stores and home delivery services from the Charlotte franchisee.

“Our mission has always been to free the burden of drycleaning and laundry from our customers, and by opening four additional stores in Charlotte, we will do just that,” said Robert Lyons, CEO of Consolidated Cleaners, Inc. “This community in Charlotte has much to offer and we can’t wait to give them the opportunity to not worry about their drycleaning and laundry and instead enjoy their everyday life,” he added.

Consolidated Cleaners, Inc. has been recognized by Tide Cleaners as the Tide Franchisee of the Year six times, and as Rising Tide award winner eight times.

“We are proud to set ourselves apart in Charlotte by delivering quality and convenience to our customers,” Lyons said.