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Xplor Spot announces new innovative feature

Recently, Xplor Spot announced an innovative feature for its business management software called Virtual Assistant. This new feature can handle basic inquiries, enhancing efficiency for both businesses and customers as well as delivering a seamless customer experience.

Laundry and drycleaning business owners are facing labor shortages, inflation, and rising costs. With these conditions making it harder to operate efficiently, business owners need quicker and easier issue resolution. Virtual Agent has already saved time for drycleaning customers. For example, the average duration of a customer support call is 25 minutes. However, the average duration of an interaction with the Xplor Spot Virtual Agent is just 15 minutes.

Xplor Spot is pioneering a new era as the drycleaning industry leader by introducing this state-of-the-art conversational AI customer service feature and platform. This innovation is set to revolutionize drycleaning customer support. With round-the-clock accessibility, customers can conveniently seek assistance whenever they need it. Moreover, it equips users with self-help tools, granting them the autonomy to discover solutions independently. During standard support hours, customers can still effortlessly engage with live agents for personalized assistance if needed, ensuring a comprehensive customer service experience.

Xplor Spot's Virtual Agent feature is delivered by boost.AI, an enterprise platform known for enabling outstanding customer experiences with conversational AI, without requiring extensive technical support. This technology efficiently manages millions of interactions annually for leading organizations across sectors, including Xplor Spot.

“We’re embracing the future of AI-powered conversations with excitement, and we’re thrilled to bring conversational AI to Xplor Spot customers,” said Tom Beidle, CEO Personal Services at Xplor Technologies.