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MfM hosts trio of third quarter meetings

The third quarter of the year has proven to be a busy one for the consulting firm Methods for Management (MfM). The group recently hosted August meetings in Ft. Worth, TX, and Omaha, NE, as well as a meeting last month in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada.

During the meetings, MfM Managing Director Kermit Engh announced the addition of new group benefits, including an introduction to the Value Builders platform that is designed to help them transition the business or build on its value for the future.

Methods for Management’s meeting at Kite’s Custom Cleaners in Ft. Worth, TX, was attended by (left to right): Kyle Matthews (Janet Davis Cleaners), Greg Gunderson (Gunderson Cleaners), facilitator Kermit Engh, Tom Prionas (Fabric Care Center), Ronald Soonius of Kite’s Custom Cleaners, Darryl Flynn (The Cleaning Co.) and Nathan Kite of Kite’s Custom Cleaners.

"Regardless of their goals, the MfM member wins,” said Engh.

Members will also now be able to gain monthly access to one Value Builder module on a self-study basis, guided by a monthly discussion with Engh, who is a certified Value Builder coach.

Also introduced was the next iteration of MfM’s financial platform, MfMBI. One notable enhancement made to the trend analysis platform is creating multiple custom KPI reports for the various department’s within each member’s company.

MfM Members who attended the recent meeting at Fashion Cleaners of Omaha, NE, included (from left to right): Pierre Cinar, Zach Orsi, Arturo Nanes, Kermit Engh (owner of Fashion Cleaners), Mark Scott, David Meyer, Derik Blaha, Randy and Ramona Jaeger, Chuck Horst, Puzant Cinar and Alberto Nanes.

Each of the three meetings also included the group taking a plant tour of the host member’s business so that they can offer compliments, constructive criticism and possible suggestions for improving the business by providing the highest quality service for their clients.

Other highlights of the gatherings included members sharing their best ideas in technology, staffing and their company’s latest marketing and advertising efforts.

The meeting in Ft. Worth was hosted by Nathan Kite and Ronald Soonius of Kite’s Cleaners, while Fashion Cleaners, owned by Engh, was the host in Omaha.

Kevin Hiebert and Lisa Loscerbo hosted the MfM Canadian group at Best Care Dry Cleaners, located in Winnipeg. For more information, visit www.mfmi.com.