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EZ Products offers a minor modification with major improvements

Now, our Model-7d EzPress™ and Model-7d PopUpPress™ users can apply barcode labels or text labels to personal clothing at 330° Fahrenheit in only 4 seconds

Our original (and still available) presses and all competitors’ presses apply labels at 380° to 420° in 8 to 12 seconds. Our new press gives you a major improvement in productivity resulting in half of the normal application time and a temperature reduction of over 50°. This lower temperature will dramatically reduce the risk of damaging delicate and expensive garments.

How can we do this? It is easy! We lowered the temperature by manufacturing our Model-7D EzPress™ and Model-7D PopUpPress™ with the hot platen surface electroplated with a new extremely durable Teflon diamond plate. This diamond plate conducts heat much better than Teflon stickers. The Teflon sticker on our most popular heat seal press, is made from several layers of thermal insulating material that slowed down the heat transfer to the fabric. The new diamond plating is thin and conducts heat better than aluminum.

But, how did we reduce the application dwell time? That was also easy. As you may remember from high school physics, you cannot heat anything above 212° until you boil all the moisture out of it. This is a big problem with clothing. All clothing absorbs moisture, sometimes a lot of moisture. Our other heat seal machines and all competitors’ machines have the same problem. When you squeeze the garment and label between the upper and lower platens, there is no easy path for the moisture to evaporate. Therefore, you must squeeze the garment under the hot platen for 8 to 12 seconds while the moisture evaporates through the thin crack between the upper and lower platens.

Our new Model 7V Ventilated Lower Platen™, has a moisture transparent pad with a disposable fabric cover. It is mounted on top of a patent pending, ventilated aluminum brick with ventilating grooves under the pad to allow the moisture to escape. Therefore, when you press down the 330 degree top platen onto the ventilated lower platen, the steam immediately evaporates out of the fabric and passes through the moisture transparent pad allowing the label and garment to be immediately heated to the proper application temperature.

We believe that very soon, this new patten pending technology will become the only safe way to apply labels to delicate personal clothing.

The Suggested Retail Prices for these new presses are:

The Model 7-D EZPress™ with EZWizard Firmware™ is $1,295 and the Model 7D PopUpPress™ with EZWizard Firmware™ is $1,595. This new retrofit platen can only be used on our Model-7 Presses™ with EzWizard Firmware™. Our advanced EzWizard Firmware™ is very important when applying labels at low temperature and short dwell time because it detects cold or damp fabric and automatically extends the dwell time whenever necessary. This ensures a perfect label application every time. However, most of the time, when the fabric is dry the EzWizard™ does not extend the dwell time (this is also a big time-saver).

You can easily upgrade any existing Model-7 EzPress™ or Model-7 PopUpPress™ (with EzWizard firmware manufactured 2018 or later) and take advantage of this time saving, low temperature label application technology. For additional information, please call Diane Rue at (877) 906-1818 or email [email protected].