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Chris White achieves the Certified Mastermind Group Facilitator designation

Chris White, executive director of America’s Best Cleaners, has achieved the Certified Mastermind Group Facilitator designation from The Success Alliance, leading the way for professional development and growth op-portunities for the ABC affiliate community.

White began the program in 2021 and received his official certification in December of 2022. However, ABC has been focussed on promoting its affiliates’ achievements and initiatives, which is why White chose to delay the announcement.

Founded by Karyn Greenstreet, The Success Alliance’s mission is to foster communication, brainstorming, learning and problem-solving among mastermind group facilitators.

The facilitator certification takes over a year to complete and involves completion of a Mastermind Group Facilitator Training class, as well as a final certification exam.

Successful candidates must demonstrate competence in the Mastermind Group Facilitator Core Skills, which in-clude following ethical guidelines, active listening and building trust and rapport among all members.

Greenstreet shared, “The role of the mastermind group facilitator is two-fold: to assist individual members with both strategic thinking and tactical actions so that they can reach their goals, and to manage the entire group dynamic so that the peers in each group share their collective wisdom and support each other from a strong psychological community mindset.”

On the achievement, White added, “Professional development is critical to enhance the value of our services and skills set within the ABC community. With the ever-evolving business climate and the desire to better serve our affiliates’ needs at the various stages of their growth process, the skills enhanced with this certification will aid us in delivering efficient and meaningful space for our affiliates to share and grow together.”