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Stites announces retirement from Unipress

(Editor’s Note: Tom Stites, sales manager of Unipress, is retiring after a long career, but not before he offers a few parting thoughts. Speaking of which, we’d like to do the same and say Thank You for everything, Tom!)

Well, it’s time. After 37 years with Unipress, I have decided to retire. When I was asked to write a few words about it, I felt like I was writing my own obituary. What does one say? I’m very uncomfortable trying to write nice things about myself. Amazing how a good pour of bourbon can help clear your mind. I realized it wasn’t about what I have accomplished but rather what Unipress and the industry has done for me. What I really need to write about is thanking all people who have helped and given me opportunities along the way.

It all started when Sol and Carol Memberg gave me an opportunity and welcomed me into the National Clothesline family. That opened the door to a great industry and a chance to meet and talk with a ton of manufacturers and distributors.

One of those manufacturers stood out above the rest. When Unipress Corp. was seeking a new sales manager, I joked with Gary Johnson that I might not run the classified ad because I would be the best candidate. We both laughed. A few days later he gave me a call and said he and Peter Hamlin would like to talk to me. Well, obviously things blossomed from there. From one family to the next.

Thirty-seven years later, it’s time for me to say Thank You to all the Unipress distributors and all of the great customers I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with; Thank You to the entire Unipress team that worked together long and hard to be innovative, creative, and forward thinking. The pride everyone puts into the product line that is ever improving is amazing. I can truly say that without everyone’s help things wouldn’t have turned out the same. Thank You.

Tom Stites (center) announces his retirement knowing Unipress will be in good hands with his replacement, Jim Groshans (right), whose first act as sales manager was to hire Nick Slush (left) to take over his former sales territory.

Now, it will be up to Jim Groshans to take advantage of his opportunity to help guide Unipress in the future as my replacement. With Jim’s vast industry experience and gift for gab, he will no doubt make the most of the op-portunity. His attitude, values and compassion for the customer has been the trademark throughout his career. Jim has already taken a giant step in the right direction. His first official act as sales manager was to find a qual-ified replacement to follow in his footsteps and assume the duties of the southeast sales manager, as he did for the last four years.

Enter Nick Slush. Nick will be responsible for sales and customer support throughout the southeast. He comes to us with a solid background in sales, service and installations in the drycleaning industry. Nick is a 2nd generation drycleaning veteran and is eager to start building relationships with the Unipress distributors and customers in his territory.

- Tom Stites