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JVK Operations soars to new heights with LAVATEC equipment

After 40 years in the engineering field and the commercial laundry business, Vinny Samuel is forecasting a banner year for JVK Operations with a huge increase in volume – a payoff for adding more LAVATEC equipment.

“We processed 36 million pounds of laundry last year. I anticipate we will add another eight million more by the ends of 2023,” said Samuel, president of the company headquartered in Amityville, NY, who co-owns it with Mike Connell. They have another processing plant in New Jersey, just south of Philadelphia. The company operated three plants with a combined 80,000 sq. ft. of space to keep the work flowing.

JVK co-owners Mike Connell (left) and Vinny Samuel flank Lavatec president Mark Thrasher in front of the osLaundry management system that controls the Lavatec equipment at JVK’s processing facility in Amityville

From plant engineer and designer to successful owner

Samuel has achieved success for JVK by developing a well-designed blueprint. He began working in the industry after arriving in the U.S. with business and engineering degrees. He gained experience at several companies, starting as a plant engineer in 1985 and later designing laundry plants around the world. After learning the ins and outs of the business, it was time for Samuel to open his own company in 2004.

“We have been servicing healthcare institutions almost since the first day,” he said. “Today it accounts for 50% of our business, and the other half is hospitality driven.” JVK services customers on Long Island and in other parts of New York, in addition to New Jersey, the Philadelphia market and some customers in Connecticut. Known for processing customer-owned goods (COG), they handle the linen and garment rental side of the business with a Lot Washing program. By keeping client linen separated, they find it improves overall lot integrity and boosts customer satisfaction.

A partnership that works

Samuel takes pride in the high quality work JVK provides its customers, believing it forms a winning combination with timely delivery and the best customer service possible. To achieve this, the foundation begins with the equipment on his floors. He determined years ago that partnering with LAVATEC gives him the best return on investment (ROI).

“There are many manufacturers of laundry equipment, but during my association with them the past 35 years, LAVATEC has displayed a very consistent manufacturing process,” Samuel said. “I believe that getting it right the first time is best, and I have seen them keep the production standards at a higher level. They haven’t chases the unnecessary goals for cosmetics. Instead, they’ve kept it simple and safe with user-friendly controls.”

In 2008, JVK installed a new 200-lb. LT90 tunnel washing system with 16 compartments at their Amityville processing facility. Recent upgrades have included six 330-lb. capacity dryers that are now helping operations to run more efficiently.

The installation of six Lavatec dryers has made JVK operations more efficient, saving the company 40% on energy and labor costs.

“Our tunnels are a perfect fit for these dryers,” Samuel added. “We have already seen a 40% utility savings by doing all the work with six dryers instead of 10.”

Another tunnel washer JVK employes is a model built 27 years ago that Samuel purchased and has run on a regular basis since 2008. Altogether, they now utilize five LAVATEC tunnel washing systems and 20 dryers to go with six LAVAPress press extractors.

“It still runs very efficiently and is a perfect example of what I think about LAVATEC equipment,” Samuel said, referring to the older tunnel system. “The quality of materials which were used many years ago have proven to be better than any other manufacturer.”

“LAVATEC machines are built so the maintenance is simple and easy, and we keep track of each and every part. We also have a preventive maintenance policy in place to replace any sensitive parts prior to them breaking down,” he continued. “In accordance with the quality of our equipment, we study and plan ahead. That’s why we have trained our technicians this way to maintain the equipment.”

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